Thursday, July 21, 2011

Interesting Day

Today I accomplished a lot. Here it is Summer Vacation...and I am working. Summer is my chance to make the things I will need for the up coming year. The things that in the middle of a lesson I say to myself, "gee I wish I had already done this."

My All Done List for the Day:

Tutorial video on using Google Maps
Video explaining the value or Twitter
Interview for a magazine article
Prepare my grade book
Make my Excel spreadsheets with formulas
Clean out old emails
Make how to sort webmail tutorial
Make some phone calls
Research teaching strategies

Tomorrow there are more things to do. For now I am going to rest and enjoy the last few moments of my son's nap. (BTW that interview thing I mentioned - pretty cool. My first ever. It isn't anything big and I can only hope my name actually gets mentioned...but not the fact that I stammered a couple of times. I am not very good with open ended questions...I need a graphic organizer in my head for those)

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